You can determine the battery level of your Dolby Dimension in a few different ways.  When on the Power Base, Dolby Dimension's Power light will pulse orange to indicate that the battery level at 20% or less, pulse white to indicate the battery is between 20% and 100% and solid white to indicate that Dolby Dimension is fully charged. In all cases, when on the Power Base, Dolby Dimension will be charging.  

When off the Power Base and in use, there are a few ways to check battery life.  Pressing the active source button will read out the name of the connected source device, followed by the current battery level.  Additionally, the Power Light will turn orange when the battery falls below 20% followed by an audio prompt telling the user to charge soon. You can also connect to the Dolby Dimension mobile application to see the current battery level.  While in the mobile app, you can also turn on Low Power Mode to give you even more playback time.

When in Sleep and not on the Power Base, Dolby Dimension must be woken up prior to determining battery level.