To pair Dolby Dimension to a Bluetooth device, make sure it is powered on and then press and hold any of the three Source Buttons on the right earcup for 3 seconds.  There will be an audible tone to let you know Dolby Dimension is in pairing mode, as well as a pulsing Source Light next to the corresponding button.  Go to the Bluetooth settings of your Source Device (Phone/Tablet/Laptop/SmarTV, etc.) and select Dolby Dimension.  Once the connection is successful, Dolby Dimension will play a successful connection prompt (for example, "Laptop Connected"), and the pulsing Source Light will turn solid.

To pair additional devices, repeat the process for the other two Source Buttons.  Further management of source devices can be done with the Dolby Dimension mobile app.

*When powered on for the very first time, Dolby Dimension will automatically be in pairing mode.